How To Be On Top Of Everything, Stress Less & Achieve More! – My 11-Step Action Plan

by | Feb 12, 2018

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.

W.I. Bateman

Do you need to work better – get more organised, get a plan in place?  Are you fed up of everything being completed at the last minute?  Was it a headache getting your tax return submitted on time again this January?

If this is you – what would it be like if everything was done on time?  How would it feel to be always on top of things?

Follow my action plan, step-by-step, and you can achieve this.

The aim with your filing and recording is to keep everything up to date and to hit deadlines.  If you follow the steps below, you will have less stress and more time to concentrate on your business.

Start working on your 17/18 figures now – get ahead and you’ll feel great!  Don’t bury your head on the sand – this isn’t going to go away!

My 11 Step Action Plan

No. Item Date
1 Book a morning or afternoon in my diary on:  
2 Find everything and file in date order on:  
3 Decide on the most appropriate system for my business on:  
4 Record all transactions on my system on:  
5 Use my figures from above to prepare a budget on:  
6 Review my budget on:  
7 Decide on my numbers goal on:  
8 Decide on my numbers strategy on:  
9 Review my numbers monthly, starting on:  
10 Update my system every week on:  
11 Chase any customers who owe me money, every month on:  

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A lot of clients find it useful to have a session with me and brainstorm how they can get on top of things. Remember you are unique and your approach will be different to that of another business owner. The action plan needs to suit you, otherwise you won’t stick to it.

For example, I went to see a new client who wanted to get her business numbers up to date and have regular management accounts prepared. However, because her filing and recording wasn’t up to date, with sales invoices and bank statements missing, this wasn’t possible. Now, we’ve put a simple system in place where she physically sends everything, once a month to the bookkeeper, She can’t spare the time to scan everything and doesn’t have anyone to do it for her, but if she could, this would be even more efficient! By keeping on track, she is not wasting time looking for things and trying to remember what happened.

If you feel like you can’t do this alone – maybe it feels insurmountable – but you are ready to commit, then get in touch. Sign up to a 3-month Anna’s Accountability package – this would normally cost £450 plus VAT, but if you sign up by the end of February, it will only be £300 plus VAT. You will get your action plan in place and have someone to work with you and keep you motivated until you can do it on your own!

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