Mentoring For Accountants

The traditional role of the accountant is under threat. New technologies, increased competition and changing client expectations mean that accountancy practices must adapt to future-proof their role.

We offer mentoring services to help you develop the broader advisory services required by business owners today.

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Find New Clients


Solve Your Clients’ Key Issues

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Build Client Loyalty

A Fresh Boost of Confidence

“After meeting with Anna, I was given a fresh Boost of confidence in how to make my business work. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when starting an accountancy practice but Anna’s advice has given me the clarity I was lacking. I would definitely consider using her as a mentor in the future.”

Jen Parker

J. P. Accountancy Services

To book your mentoring session with us, simply click the button below.

The sessions cover:

  • the key issues business owners face and how you can address them.
  • reaching out to new and existing clients via (often-overlooked) key channels.
  • client-accountant relationship-building techniques, including how to break down common barriers.

N.B. Our sessions are flexible for your convenience.

Gain a clear vision for the direction of your accountancy practice.

Future-proof your role today.

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