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Jargon-Free Accountancy and Finance Books

Accountant’s Don’t Bite and the series Anna’s Simple Accounting Guides are here to help you run your business and have help at hand whenever you need it. Anna’s book and guides are simple, easy to understand and completely jargon free!

Featured In

Revival: Women Embracing Their Superpowers Volume Two

The second book in the Revival  anthology where you’ll read the uplifting stories from truly inspirational women. The authors open up to share their vulnerabilities, thoughts, hopes and dreams with you and advice on how you too can push through life’s challenges

Stories from Around the Globe

The women in this book will inspire you to walk through life knowing your own challenges and adversities can and will be overcome. It may seem like a big world out there but knowing that these women have been through the same or similar experiences will bring you closer to them and reduce the distance between you. 

The Small Business Owners Handbook

This book is a MUST-READ for anyone in business. It’s a continued learning journey for all who embark on the world of self-employment, and these 23 authors, all at different levels of success within their businesses, share such valuable insight. Their experiences each bring to the table unique strengths, knowledge, and skills.