How to motivate yourself for success



My recent blog encouraged accountants to get a plan in place to reach their goals.  To keep on track and motivated, it’s always important to celebrate your achievements. This is true even more so at the moment, when the smallest task can seem like an uphill struggle after the year we’ve had.  There’s been such a lot of rain recently, that it felt like a massive achievement for me to mow the lawn!  Also I’ve had lots of meetings – now that we can meet up – but I’ve still managed to fit in my daily walk. Maybe you have had your own small successes already this week? How did you motivate yourself to achieve them?

Celebrate when you reach any of your goals. This will help you to keep going and motivate yourself for your next success.  Frequently, if things are not going so well it’s easy to beat yourself up, but contrarily, you probably don’t give yourself enough pats on the back for your wins. When was the last time you celebrated an achievement – no matter how small?

Hi. I’m Anna Goodwin, your friendly finance mentor.  With over 30 years of experience, I know how important to celebrate your successes to keep yourself motivated.

First you need a plan of action which includes a list of your goals so you know when you have achieved them and when you can party. This will motivate you as you tick them off, one by one. In my book, ‘Your Business Your Numbers’, I explain why goals are so important.


  • Provide you with focus
  • Give you the ability to set clear actions
  • Cause you to stretch and grow
  • Provide you with a long term vision


Think about the goals you want to set in the next 3 months. These don’t need to be big goals but make them meaningful to you.  You can have a mixture of business and personal goals if you like.


What do you need to do to achieve your goals?

  • Have faith that you can reach the goal
  • Visualise the goal as clearly as you can
  • Write the goal down
  • Commit to achieving the goal
  • Make yourself accountable
  • Review your goals and celebrate!


How can you celebrate?

  • Buy a nice new plant for the garden
  • Watch a newly released film
  • Take a walk in the park
  • Have a game of tennis or golf
  • Arrange an online get-together with your best friends.


What would be your reward to yourself? Make it something that motivates you to achieve.

Maybe sometimes you feel that things may go wrong so you don’t want to tempt fate by celebrating.  I say go for it and celebrate!

For May Day (1 May) this year, the local craft shop decorated the streets and organised a socially distanced event.  There was even a Maypole!  We were lucky enough to attend and had a wonderful time.  A group of people had decided to celebrate the day.  How did they do it?  The team of people worked together with a clear goal in mind that they wanted to offer good quality food and drinks safely.  They had even set up a bunting group! It was a space for people to have a chat after weeks of not being able to socialise. There was also exceedingly good cake!

It was lovely to be able to do this and gave me a feeling of renewal and motivated me to tackle my goals with renewed vigour when I returned to the office!

The last year or so has shown us that a celebration doesn’t have to be something spectacular, it can be very simple indeed. But it’s important to do something to show that you value yourself and your achievements – so blow your own horn!

Next week I’ll be giving you tips on how to get out of debt.


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