Accountant & Bookkeeper Mentoring

Helping accountants and bookkeepers move forward to achieve their career goals.

Discover Your Potential

We offer accountancy mentoring services to help you develop the broader advisory services required by business owners today and support you to gain a clear vision of where you are heading as an accountant.

Setting goals

Solve your clients' key issues

Work more efficiently

How Accountant Mentoring Works

Mentoring sessions can take place via Zoom, face to face or by phone, and cost £175 plus VAT for a session.

You will also receive a FREE copy of my latest book, Your Business Your Numbers.

Not sure which areas you need help with? Book a free discovery call with Anna. 

A Fresh Boost of Confidence

“I used Anna’s mentoring service to guide me through a time of uncertainty. She methodically helped me to see my working world from different angles and gave great advice on how to approach obstacles. Thank you for your support Anna, your guidance has been invaluable.”
Emma Freeman
Spurling Cannon

Download Anna Goodwin’s Free Future Planning Mind Map

Resources for Accountants

Download Anna Goodwin’s Free Future Planning Mind Map

Progress Your Accounting Career

The sessions cover:
  • The key issues business owners face and how you can address them.
  • Brainstorming together the direction you want your career to go in.
  • Advising you on how to improve the ways you work, so that you are happier and the practice is more successful.

N.B. Our sessions are flexible for your convenience.