2022 Learnings & Hopes for 2023

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As the year comes to an end, I have been reflecting on everything that has happened in 2022 and planning ahead for 2023. There is much that I have learnt over the past 12 months, and I wanted to share my learnings with you, along with my hopes for the year ahead. 

Learnings from 2022

  • Capacity of people to keep going during adversity and illness
  • Successes accountants and SMEs can achieve through mentoring
  • How important it is to have help and support when getting a book on Amazon – even a revised edition! – thanks to Sian-Elin Flint Freel
  • Power of having a strong team working for you
  • Sadness of losing a close friend
  • Gratitude for a strong partner relationship
  • Excitement of making new connections
  • Learnings gained by speaking and training different groups – Capco, Promobile and Social Ark
  • The importance of having a good training provider- thanks for all your support 2020 Innovation Group
  • Importance of fun – trip to Tina Turner Story – delayed since 2020
  • Satisfaction of helping and supporting new and existing clients to grow
  • Don’t give up – there is a solution – success with my hearing aid app
  • Enjoyment of face face rather than Zoom – RSVP AGM back in the room
  • Importance of letting clients and suppliers go if they’re not the right fit for your business
  • Joy and nourishment of meeting up with good friends
  • Always learning – thanks to Karl Lehmann for his new book Money Mind and Meaning

Hopes for 2023

  • Helping more SMEs and accountants to achieve their goals
  • Getting holidays planned earlier
  • Enjoying theatre trips
  • Continuing to work closely with clients to help them build the business they want
  • Health for my friends, family, clients and colleagues
  • Continuing to go with where the flow takes me
  • Development of my team
  • Bringing new connections into my work life
  • Being open to new opportunities

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!