Finding Those Extra Minutes To Achieve Your Goals

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There is a great amount of uncertainty at the moment and it feels like there’s little control.  However, if you set goals now you’ll have something to work towards and it may help your motivation levels.  These can be smaller goals that you would normally set (but perhaps you have been a bit distracted – understandably), but at least they will give you focus. Also, it could be that having something you CAN control at the moment is good for your mental health.

Yes, I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again, good time management is key to achieving your goals. But your time management may be difficult to control at the moment.  Maybe you’re working from home and also trying to look after your children at the same time, or perhaps you have an elderly neighbour or relative who needs a bit of extra care, or it could be that you are just finding it hard to concentrate.

Can you delegate anything?

Is there anything your partner or children can help you with?

I find chocolate biscuits are a good currency to use!

small business accounting advice

Hi, I’m Anna Goodwin – Author of five books, Director, Mentor, and Trainer for Anna Goodwin Accountancy.

Basically, I take the stress out of finances – both business and personal. From running my own business and helping others to run theirs, I know it’s important to manage your time.

In my book ‘Your Business Your Numbers’ I share that every respondent to one of my surveys stated that time management was one of their biggest weaknesses and also named it as one of the main factors holding them back. Maybe it’s one of yours too?

Why is time management so important?

Makes you more effective.

Lowers your stress.

Helps you to focus.

Think about how you spend your time both at work and outside it.  My online course ‘Mastering the Mindset of Success’ shows some of the things that distract us:

small business accounting advice

So how can you minimise these time wasters?

Divide your work into specific areas:

  • What’s important and urgent;
  • What’s important but not urgent;
  • What’s not important and urgent;
  • What’s not important and not urgent.

Maybe use a matrix such as the one below:

small business accounting advice

Then prepare your plan of action by prioritising your ‘to-do’ tasks. Decide on the best time of day for you to work on your tasks.  You might be someone who prefers to start work early or you may prefer to work later in the day. Perhaps you are better at some tasks in the afternoon, and others in the morning? By planning ahead, this will also mean you use your time in a more efficient way as you will be working at your optimum time.

Make sure you stick to it – it’s easy to lose control and focus if you are   responding to emails and phone calls instead of sticking to your plan.

Maybe you’re wasting time because you’re not using your finance system as effectively as possible. Have a think about your system and decide it there are any changes you could make to save time.

Could you:

  • Outsource your bookkeeping?
  • Reduce your paper-based systems?
  • Have a separate business bank account?

Each of these could release valuable time where you could be doing something more productive – that could even be a bit of self-care, such as a long bath, a walk with the dog or reading a good book!

I love this Dr Seuss quote!

“How did it get so late so soon?”

Make tomorrow different.

Next week I’ll be emphasising the importance of celebrating your successes.