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Do you ever have questions about your business finances?

Anna’s Business Clinic takes place twice a month (on the 1st and the 3rd Friday of each month) on Skype. Use my business clinic to ask me questions about your business finances completely FREE of charge.

Plus, if you’ve ever wondered about having a mentor to help you reach your business goals, find out whether my mentoring service is right for you.

Each person has a 30-minute slot, which you can book in advance with me.

Don’t wait to ask that question – book your slot today!

“I had a question about my business and it was something that had been concerning me for a while. I wasn’t able to find the answer online, so I attended one of Anna’s business clinics.

Anna knew the answer straight away and explained things clearly, in jargon-free language. She also made some really positive suggestions to help me move my business forward.

Anna is so much more than an accountant – she looks not only at the figures but also at what you’re trying to achieve from your business. I would heartily recommend Anna to anyone who has a question about their business finances.”

Rachel Robb

Content Writer and Marketer


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