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My circumstances and self-employed income changed significantly half way through last year, which would affected my payment on account. Anna went back through my Tax Return and adjusted it to reflect the changes which had a positive outcome financially for me, it brought a huge sense of relief.

Jayne Differ

Following several changes both with my physically demanding fitness and sports massage business peaking in appointment capacity and in my new, more formal health and wellness coaching business launching, I found myself getting feedback from my market that the business message was a little blurred, and I was also in a place of overwhelm of both doubling up on brand base networking workload as well as trying to see how this all would flow together financially.

Then, I did the thing that I should have done months earlier.  I picked up the phone to my accountant Anna, and explained my stresses.  Anna, in her usual calm tone, suggested we meet for a cuppa, perfect!  We met, I discussed my concerns, she asked questions to gain clarity on both my current situation, future aspirations and business expectations.

Armed with the appropriate information, Anna then continued, in her usual focused yet calming way, to suggest the best way forward with business formation and she helped me to confirm my thoughts of merging both businesses.  The re-assurance that she could give me from a business accounting/set-up point of view along with a little consideration for long term success enabled me to walk away with a clear, calm mind and I now provide, physical, motivational and cognitive behaviour change products and services all under one umbrella.

This educated, more informed approach to the next phase of my business set-up has allowed me to set such strong business foundations and free up the headspace that was cluttered with stress and fast thoughts, also allowing me to focus on the business building and important client care activities.

Thank you Anna!

Linda Hill

Sage Wellness

Even though a new client of Anna’s, I have found her to be proactive, efficient and very practical! Making my accounts easy for me to understand with no scarey jargon.

Adrianne Carter

D-Coded Insights Limited

Once I saw Anna, with her colours and warm approach to our accounts, it left my head totally clear to concentrate and focus on bringing the money in for the business. I’m happy to say, that after just 12 months of being with our company, I can dream now of becoming a millionaire, and I know that my dream will come true thanks to Anna Goodwin.

Marcia Briscoe

Founder and CEO, TPN Media

Anna Goodwin is the lady to go to when your accounts are going well but even better when they are not going so well!. Her words of wisdom and ability to breathe life into any situation with her calm, positive optimism is what separates her from any other accountant.

I will remain with Anna Goodwin for as long as she’ll have me!

Thanks Anna I really appreciate your work and for your genuine desire for both me and my company to succeed.

Sabrina Brown

Company Director, Sabrina Brown Consultancy

APA Training Ltd as a growing business needed a first class accountant who was professional, helpful and responsive to my company’s requirements. I found Anna Goodwin Accountancy Ltd excellent – I cannot praise them enough.

Phil Alexander

APA Training & Development Limited

I met up with Anna recently to drop my books off.  I updated her on my business progress; moving premises etc.

She gave me great advice re getting someone to help me on a subcontract basis with some of my tasks to free up my time.  She also gave me planning tips for a forthcoming meeting I have with my bank manager.

I am very glad to have the continual support of Anna as I believe it has a beneficial impact on my business.

Joshua Prior

Vote Vintage

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