Anna’s Accountancy Alerts – Week 3 (17th – 23rd April 2023)

Anna’s Accountancy Alerts - Week 3 (17th - 23rd April 2023)

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Cost of living scams

  1. Cost of living payments
Similar to energy support scams, these involve impersonating government agencies (including your local council), asking for your details in order to send the government’s energy rebate.
  1. Debt scams
Criminals pose as debt help firms, and ask for personal details and upfront payments.
  1. Loan-fee scams
Fraudsters will request an upfront – supposedly refundable – fee for the loan, which never arrives.
  1. Gift cards and giveaways
Fake giveaways, including for food and petrol, posted on social media, particularly Facebook. You’re typically asked to give personal details.
  1. Bank refund scams
Scam adverts on social media, asking for your bank details, falsely claiming you can receive refunds on your direct debits for a fee.

Pay as you grow arrangements

These are available to help firms to manage cashflow and grow. These include 10-year payment terms at the same interest rate; reducing payments to interest-only for six months up to three times during the repayment period; and taking a single repayment holiday of up to six months.

Government support available

The Government’s Interactive business finance and support finder highlights 150 plus resources for loans, finance, grants, mentoring and funding: .Gov Interactive Business Finance Support.

Local Enterprise Partnerships run growth hubs which have contacts for advice and funding: Local Enterprise Partnerships.

Citizen’s Advice has specific information on what to do if you can’t pay energy bills: Citizen’s Advice Energy Advice.

Business Debtline can help those firms struggling more generally: Business Debt Line.

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