Anna’s Accountancy Alerts – Week 7 (13th – 19th May 2024)



National Cyber Security Centre offers phishing scam training

Phishing was the most common cyber-attack affecting UK businesses in 2023, according to the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

To deal with this growing problem, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has produced an e-learning employee training package, Staying Safe Online: Top Tips for Staff.

The training explains why cyber security is important and covers three key areas:

  • defending yourself against phishing
  • using strong passwords
  • securing your devices

For more information on cyber security for sole traders and small business owners visit the NCSC’s page on Small and Medium Organisations and the NCSC’s Small Business Guide.

Claiming tax relief on employee expenses

You and your employees may be able to claim tax relief on work-related expenses. Making a claim online takes minutes and guarantees that you get 100% of the money you are entitled to. 

Use the online tool to check eligibility and get a full list of work expenses that can be claimed, including:

  • uniforms and work clothing
  • buying work-related equipment
  • professional fees, union memberships, and subscriptions
  • using their own vehicle for work travel, excluding journey from home to work

Find out more about how to make a work-related expense claim. There is also communication resources for claiming tax relief to share with your employees.

Closure of bank branch

Barclays closed the most branches in 2023 with 180, followed by NatWest (138) and HSBC (114), although HSBC has told customers it won’t announce anymore closures in 2024. The banks to close the fewest branches in 2023 include Nationwide (2), RBS (4), Santander (5) and TSB (9).

Nationwide has the most branches still open across the country (605).

Stay Up-To-Date With Coronavirus & Brexit News

Coronavirus has affected us all. Whether you’re a sole trader, employer or employee. Stay up to date with the latest news – including government support, tax implications, and more.