4 Questions to ask yourself for business success as a small business owner

Woman holding documents joyful after a business success


During the pandemic, many of your usual distractions were taken away from you and this will have given you an opportunity to reflect.  Even if you were busier than usual at work or having to find a different way to work, there was still an element of contemplating your life.  It was a time of revaluation and looking honestly at our lives, wasn’t it?  Hence many people retired, but many small business owners took the opportunity to plan for business success.

Even though many things are back to normal now, it is still a good idea to give yourself regular periods of reflection and check in to see that you are happy doing what you are doing and working in this way.

I’m a big believer that knowing yourself fully is an advantage in your business. You may feel some resistance when you delve into who you are but stick with it as you will find it beneficial so you can shape your life and business to suit you. You will reap the rewards in your business and home life.

Who am i?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you an ideas person?
  • Are you a cautious person or happy to take risks?
  • Do you thrive on a challenge or would you rather take it steady?

These questions begin to unpick the real you and from there you can start to question if your work life is suited to your personality. Have you been trying to be someone else to fit into your day job? Once you start learning more about yourself then you can grow into an authentic version of you! 

It’s no good trying to please others or spending your work life doing something you hate. The way you work should also suit your personality. You shouldn’t give yourself massive goals if you’re not a risk taker and you shouldn’t try and avoid challenges if these are what you thrive on.

How do I work?

  • Are you happy working on your own or would you prefer to work as a team?
  • Are you a last minute kind of person or would you prefer to get things done early?
  • Are you happy to delegate or do you feel that you need to be involved in everything at every stage? Maybe you had to delegate during the pandemic and that helped you to change the way you work?

I believe it’s crucial to know yourself so that you can work to your strengths. Recent events have helped give us all an insight into who we truly are. What have you discovered?

I love this Dr Seuss quote!

“Today you are YOU,

that is TRUER than true.

There is NO ONE alive

who is YOUER than YOU!”

What is your aim?

Give yourself time out from work to dig deep inside yourself and explore what you want from your life.  You may not have done this for a while, and of course we need to do this regularly as your goals in life can change.

What do you want to happen next with your business?

 Do you want your business to grow or are you nearing your retiring period?

If you are about to finish work, what is your plan? Is a family member or friend going to take over your business or will you sell it?

Thinking about what you really want now and in the next five years will give you focus and clarity.

What is holding you back?

I have noticed in recent mentoring sessions that one of the common things stopping people from moving forward is confidence.  Maybe you’re the same?

You can increase your confidence by thinking about what you have achieved in business and the people that you have helped.  How have you made a difference to their lives? We forget a lot of what we have achieved, so consider reflecting on what you have achieved at the end of each week. Jot your achievements in a notebook and you will be amazed when you look back through it!

Also, you can help yourself by looking at any skill gaps you may have and asking for help to conquer them.

Giving yourself time and honesty now will help you massively as you move forward.  Remember, you haven’t got to do anything major to make a big difference; small steps are good.

Once you better understand yourself, business success will follow. What are you waiting for?