Does Your Mindset Impact on Your Life? – 3 Things You Can Do to Change it

Does Your Mindset Impact on Your Life? – 3 Things You Can Do to Change it

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Have you ever thought it odd the way some people succeed – seemingly effortlessly – whereas others don’t? However hard they try, some people don’t achieve what they want to. I find this fascinating and see it often, especially with women. What is common with these ladies is the way they think, their mindset.

What is mindset?

We hear the word ‘mindset’ bandied around a lot. But what is it?

As good a definition as any is:

The way you perceive yourself and your success and the way it affects your behaviour.

“Our intention creates our reality.”

Wayne Dyer

For example, someone may decide they’re going to become a manager of a company and start moving towards that goal, doing everything they can to keep on track. Another person in the same situation of wanting to be a manager but with a different mindset might think, ‘Well, I’m lucky to have this position,’ and not expect to go any further. As a result, they don’t take the necessary steps to achieve their goal.

Both of these people have the same goal of wanting to be a manager but their different mindsets have a massive impact on them getting there. The one with the positive mindset kept their eye on their goal and continued to take action to achieve it.

I saw a good example of this at the recent book launch of The Secrets of 99 Successful Women when Anca Petcu talked about her journey from being homeless to having financial freedom. She spoke about when she first arrived in the UK from Romania with no job and nowhere to stay – and with three children! Rather than panic, she thought, ‘Right, I’d better get a job,’ and five hours later, she had one. What a great mindset!

She could so easily have considered her situation hopeless and done nothing. Merely wishing her circumstances were different. But then she would probably still be in the same situation today.

Do you see how different these approaches are and how they impact on their motivation to succeed? The latter person has already set their limit!

How a negative mindset can affect you

Having a negative mindset affects us in many ways. These include:

  1. Impostor syndrome
This is when you don’t believe you deserve your success and at some point, you think you’re going to be found out. 77% of people feel like this. Obviously, it’s stressful as you’re always worried about being found out.
  1. Negative self-talk
This means talking to yourself in a detrimental way and blaming yourself. For example, Anca could have started going down the blaming route and saying to herself, ‘What was I thinking of? I shouldn’t have come to the UK.’ Instead of taking action.
  1. Lack of self-belief
If you don’t believe in yourself then who else will? Again, this is common in many people and has a massive impact on how they feel.

Do any of these types of negative mindset seem familiar to you? If so, don’t worry, because the good news is that you can do something about it. After all, it is you who is doing this to yourself, and so it is you who can make a change.

What you can do about your mindset

Luckily, you are in control, and you can change your mindset. You’re the boss! Here are three ways in which you can change your old habits and create a positive mindset to reap the rewards. They are:

  • Listen to your self-talk
  • Stop yourself from blocking your own dreams
  • Be kind to yourself and take control

Let’s deal with each of these in turn.

Listen to your self-talk

Firstly, think about where you are now and how you talk to yourself every day. List the ways that you tell yourself things that encourage imposter syndrome, create a lack of self-belief and/or speak negatively to yourself.

Ask yourself what scripts from childhood you are still following. They were probably never true, but investigate them now and honestly ask yourself whether these scripts are serving you. What do I mean by scripts, I hear you ask? Well some examples are:

  • You’re not very good at maths
  • You’ll never achieve much in your life
  • Your sister is much cleverer than you

You have the power to stop following childhood scripts and make up your own positive ones!

Are you blocking yourself from living your best life?

Also, think about how you’re blocking yourself from enjoying your life and being successful. You are probably not doing it consciously, but becoming aware of it can help you change it.

  • Are you staying in a job you don’t enjoy even though you could change jobs and do something more suitable for you?
  • Are you too fearful to look up and change?
  • Is your relationship to money holding you back? Maybe you don’t feel like you deserve to have a more comfortable life?

If any of these sound familiar, do something different today. Start thinking about how you can change the situation you are in and start moving towards a better life. Give yourself some steps to follow and see where they lead.

Be kind to yourself and take control

As I’ve said before, you are in charge and can do something about your mindset. Great! But remember to work with yourself in a calm way and be kind to yourself. These scripts and blocks have been there for many years so they’re unlikely to disappear overnight!

Because I’ve seen again and again how a person’s mindset can hold them back, I’m putting on Money Mindset Workshops to help you gain control.

By attending these workshops, you’ll find out how to:

  • Break the stuck money patterns
  • Unravel your childhood experience around money
  • Find peace around money

If this sounds like something you need, then click on the link below and book onto the next one. Take control of your life today!

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How would it feel to change your mindset and achieve in life what you want to and what you’re capable of achieving? Go for it!