3 simple steps to attract your ideal client

Your Ideal Client


My last blog to accountants was all about effective communication.  Part of your communication strategy should be that you make your website and social media appealing to customers so that you attract your ideal client.

Hi, I’m Anna Goodwin, your friendly finance mentor. With over 30 years of experience, I know how important your online presence is when it comes to attracting your ideal client.

I was reading a Facebook post the other day in which a sole trader was requesting assistance and asking several questions of the business community.  Many people had offered him advice but not many of them were accountants.  I replied to him stating that he needs an accountant who communicates well.  His reply was that he can’t afford it.

My response would be: can he afford not to have an accountant?

This is why you have to make sure that everything you put out on social media, your website, articles and any other media attracts businesses – your ideal client ­– to you and shows them clearly how you will benefit them.

As accountants, it’s important for us to show clearly how we can benefit businesses. Those businesses are run by people who may be your ideal client. So your first step is to identify your ideal client. Then you can decide on your communication strategy to attract your ideal client.

Who is your ideal client?

You don’t want to attract loads of clients just so you can say I have “X” number of clients.  Quality over quantity is always the way! 

Before you take on a client ask yourself:


  • Do they value you? Or will they keep you for a year and then shop around?
  • Will they pay your bills on time? Nowadays most accountants are paid monthly and it’s important that clients keep up with these payments. Your costs need to be prioritised.  Your ideal client will do this if they understand your value.
  • Will they give you the information you need on time? If you have said to clients that you will help them to understand their figures and grow their business, this won’t happen if you don’t receive information from them.  Even if you also carry out the bookkeeping, they still need to give you the information!

There are many other articles online if you want to do more work on identifying your ideal client, such as this one by Forbes.

How to attract your ideal client

Now you have more of an idea of who you want to work with, how do you attract your ideal client?

  • Ensure your brand shows who you are as an accountant and the added value you offer.

  • Have a clear and easy to navigate website which includes testimonials from other ideal clients.

  • Post regularly on social media with information which is useful to businesses and your ideal client. In doing so, you will show you’re an expert but also that you share valuable information freely.

  • Videos are useful for connecting with people, both to educate and, in many ways more importantly, to show that you’re human. Don’t make them too long as people get bored easily!

  • Case studies of how you have helped a client with their problems is always useful. It shows that you can do what it says on the tin! Even better if they are in the voice of your clients. It is much more powerful for someone else to say how you helped them rather than you saying it yourself.

  • People love stories so it’s a good idea to use them if you give any training or speak publicly. This will help ideal clients to connect with you.

Of course, all of these actions will have more of an impact if you tailor them to your ideal client in the first place – see how important it is to know who they are?

Why should your ideal client choose you?

There are many accountants out there – what makes you stand out from the crowd?  If you come over differently from other accountants, your ideal client will value you. If you speak directly to them in their language, they will know you are the accountant for them.

  • Think about what you’re trying to communicate; what do you want the person to understand?
  • Good communication is essential, as I stated previously. Think of all the ways you communicate with your clients and keep consistent in your tone and messaging.
  • A fair price for the service you offer.
  • Track record of being reliable and hitting deadlines.
  • Being able to give them more than just compliance. Your ideal client needs to know what their figures mean and be able to understand them to be able to grow their business.
  • In meetings, answer your client’s questions clearly so they know they can rely on you but make sure you listen to them and don’t judge them. One of my old clients said she came to me because her accountant tutted every time she opened her mouth!


Take the time now to review your website and social media.  Take a good, hard look at what you’re putting out there.  How do you come over?  Are you attractive to your ideal client?  Are you coming over as different to other accountants? Make sure that your ideal clients know how you will benefit them and their business.

Next time we will be focusing on tax efficiency for higher rate tax payers.