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Anna Goodwin Accountancy Limited offers support with business, finance and mentoring for businesses, accountants and individuals.

Simplifying your finances

With over 30 years of experience in the accounting industry, Anna has the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed in levelling up your career.

Using proven methods of future planning alongside bespoke advice and guidance, Anna Goodwin’s Mentoring Service is here to help you boost your confidence, knowledge and skills.

Case Studies

Learn about Anna’s process and feedback from clients.

Joseph Trodden

Joseph is a small business owner who approached Anna Goodwin Accountancy (AGA), to review his year-end accounts and corporation tax prepared by his existing accountant. Joseph specifically wanted to double check that a journal had been entered correctly.

As a expert working in climate change programmes, Joseph needed a trustworthy and efficient accountancy practice to support him with his accounts.

We Buy and Sell Ltd

Adam West

Adam, a busy entrepreneur, was frustrated with his existing accountant who was unresponsive and unreliable. Despite multiple attempts to contact them, Adam was unsure if any work had begun on his tax return. This lack of support was consuming too much of Adam’s time, which he needed to focus on his growing business.

Financial Planning, Support and Guidance

Planning is crucial for your success, whether you are a sole trader, limited company director or simply want to take control of your personal savings and debt.

Anna Goodwin is here to support and advise you with a specific project or regular financial mentoring.  Wouldn’t it feel great to have a person on your side who is not only independent of you but also an experienced professional!

Anna Goodwin is available to help you take control

Business Finance Mentoring

Expert advice and guidance for SMEs and Small Business owners, supporting you to ensure efficient accounting.

Personal Finance Mentoring

Confidential and non-judgemental support, helping you to clear debt, manage your finances and save for your next milestone.

Accountant Mentoring

Boosting confidence and helping you to harness your strengths through skill building, planning and career navigation.

“I used Anna’s mentoring service to guide me through a time of uncertainty. She methodically helped me to see my working world from different angles and gave great advice on how to approach obstacles. Thank you for your support Anna, your guidance has been invaluable.”
Emma Freeman
Spurling Cannon

How can I benefit from financial mentoring?

Anna has helped a diverse range of clients improve and control their finances over the last three decades, so no matter what your goal, her financial expertise and knowledge will help you navigate the next chapter.

Unrivalled Support

Working with a Mentor provides you with a qualified independent confidant to bounce ideas off.

Expert knowledge

Mentoring will provide you with guidance, insight and motivation, identifying and overcoming any questions you may have.


Having a mentor helps you take action, keeping you on track to reach your goals!

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Need Accountancy Support?

Need assistance in setting up and training to use Xero, accounting software? Have you got your annual accounts prepared? What about tax planning?

Anna Goodwin Also Provides Flexible Business Solutions:

Annual Accounts Preparation
Cash Management
Management Accounts
Corporation Tax Returns
VAT Returns & Registration
PAYE and Payroll
Company Structure and Set Up

Free finance resources to get you started

Business Owners

Anna Goodwin helps businesses succeed with business accounting, reporting, mentoring, support and training.

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Anna’s accountancy experience and career growth means that accountant mentoring is both personable and effective!

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Whether you’re struggling with debt or saving up, Anna provides a confidential service to help you achieve your goals!

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Tools for Small Businesses

Accountant’s Don’t Bite and the series Anna’s Simple Accounting Guides are here to help you run your business and have help at hand whenever you need it. Anna’s books and guides are simple, easy to understand and completely jargon free.

Creating magic for you and your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

All mentees will receive a FREE copy of my best-selling business book Accountants Don’t Bite and FREE copies of Anna’s Simple Accounting Guides including the best-sellers Stress Free Tax Returns and Sole Trader or Limited Company.​

Joseph Trodden - Case Study

Process: We reviewed the accounts and found that the journal had been entered correctly. However, we also identified other mistakes that had been made. we created a schedule of amendments that needed to be made and provided it to Joseph, who passed it on to his accountant.

We maintained clear communication with Joseph throughout the process, ensuring that he was aware of any issues and that the necessary changes were made. The accounts were successfully amended and submitted.

Results: Joseph was pleased with our work and commented that our advice had paid for itself by ensuring that he made the best use of his home allowance and entertaining budgets. He also praised our ability to develop a relationship and understanding of his business, which enabled us to provide valuable insights into how he could make the most of his money.

AGA’s review of Joseph’s year-end accounts and corporation tax was a success. Through clear communication and careful attention to detail, we were able to identify and correct mistakes, ultimately helping Joseph to make the most of his business’s financial resources. We look forward to working with Joseph as his accountant!

“Once again, Anna’s advice has paid for itself by ensuring that I make best use of my allowances, as well as taking out any stress in ensuring everything is submitted correctly and on time. Anna really makes the effort to develop a relationship and understanding of how my business operates, meaning that she knows how I can make the most of my money. I can tell you as a small business owner that it makes a real difference knowing that the finances are in good hands.” – Joseph Trodden

 Superteams – Drive the transition

We Buy and Sell Ltd - Case Study

Background: Adam, a busy entrepreneur, was frustrated with his existing accountant who was unresponsive and unreliable. Despite multiple attempts to contact them, Adam was unsure if any work had begun on his tax return. This lack of support was consuming too much of Adam’s time, which he needed to focus on his growing business.

Process: Upon meeting Adam, AGA assured him that he deserved better service from his accountant! Motivated by this, Adam visited his accountant’s office to seek clarity on the progress of his tax return. During our review, we identified several incorrect bookkeeping entries and rectified them. We also discovered that the director’s loan account was overdrawn, explained its significance, and ensured the balance was repaid. Shortly after our engagement, Adam needed to register for VAT, and we provided comprehensive support throughout this process.

Results: By maintaining regular communication and keeping his financial records up to date, Adam’s stress was alleviated, allowing him to focus on growing his business. He now has peace of mind knowing we are always available for questions and advice. Adam was very pleased with the level of communication and support he received and continues to receive.

“Anna has given me my confidence back in being able to trust an accountant again. I had 2 terrible experiences prior to working with Anna.
I now know everything is in order. She is efficient, organised and always 1 step ahead! Thanks for all your help.” – Adam West

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