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Anna is so much more than an ‘Accountant’. She is a mentor, a business champion, a critical friend and a supportive sounding board. I have found her guidance and professionalism exemplary; her approachability refreshing and her down-to-earth approach reassuring. She makes time for clients (and potential clients) and is generous in sharing her experience and network. I consider myself very lucky to be a client and to have her in my corner.

Suki Bassi

Bishan Uttam Consulting Ltd (Trading as HappyMaven)

My business review meeting with Anna was great to help me think more clearly about my business. Anna helped me to clarify business goals and the related risks and advantages of tax related decisions. She also helped me to understand what it means to become a limited company and the book she has produced on the subject is a gem!

Myia Khela

It is a pleasure and a joy to work with Anna. Not only is she an expert accountant, but she is an excellent mentor as well. During our working meetings she takes time to listen to me and to show me different ways of doing things and approaching problems which helps me to improve the services that I offer to my clients. In a short time we have developed a successful and mutually beneficial working relationship. She is very easy to get along with, genuine and friendly with a calm and non judgmental approach. I heartily recommend her both as an accountant and as a business mentor.

Alison Townsend

ATP Bookkeeping

I recently had a mentoring meeting with Anna, as I was just about to embark on the next phase of my business and had become “stuck” on the best accounting options, business set-up etc. moving forward. The mentoring time with Anna gave me friendly, practical and kind advice and support. The advice has given me options to consider and provided me with clarity, and the support has helped with focus on the practical, with no feelings of negative judgement on the business plan. As someone with over 15 years in business it’s been refreshing to invest in this time with Anna, it’s help me to feel more “centred” around my current business activities to enable me to create my future business products and services.

Linda Hill

Linda Hill Fitness

Understanding which set goals to work from can be quite overwhelming for me. Having Anna Godwin as a mentor was an excellent decision to push my business forward. The agreed actions are set to a minimum to not be overthought throughout the month and if any additional support is needed she is easy to contact. Communication works really well for me as it allows me to be in my comfort zone discussing the important topics to be broken into simpler tasks.

William Mcleod

Dub Fish Events

Anna’s business review was extremely informative and helpful. Anna is very approachable and understanding and offers a space of openness and honesty. With very little information she’s able to piece together the options with clarity and simplicity for the non-accountant! Thank you!

Tiffeny Hildick

Anna has been a great listener and has a methodical way of approaching the mentoring. She first understood my requirements and then developed questionnaire which further helped narrow down the best course of action to take for me. I have enjoyed my mentoring session with her and think it would help accountants who are confused and want guidance in which career path to choose and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

A Satisfied Client

November 2017

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