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by | Apr 18, 2018

HMRC’s personal tax app

The latest version is easier to use and has more functions, including: view and check your tax code, NI records for state pension purposes and tax credits payment schedule.

Mortgages that work for the self-employed

A recent survey of self-employed professionals and directors across the UK carried out by FSB and Together, found that 61% felt they were unfairly disadvantaged by high street banks.  Together offers a range for the self-employed: Together Money for the Self-Employed

Or telephone:  0161 210 5103

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Here is a tool to help: GDPR tool

Information needed to switch banks

UK Finance has developed a basic set of information needed to give to banks: Information needed to switch banks

HMRC construction tax status check

HMRC has a tool to check if a subcontractor should be classed as an employee or self-employed: Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST)

iTunes scam

Be aware of a widespread scam in which taxpayers are told to buy iTunes vouchers in order to supposedly pay outstanding tax bills.

Childcare voucher scheme extended

Childcare vouchers will now be available for another 6 months.  During this time new entrants will still be accepted.

VAT threshold review consultation

A treasury consultation has been set up to assess how the VAT registration threshold can incentivise small businesses to grow.  The consultation proposes the introduction of a smoothing mechanism which would allow businesses to exceed the threshold by 50% for a single year without registering for VAT.

The consultation closes on 5/6/18.

VAT review consultation

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